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Fuzzy Wuzzy specializes in the cleaning of all different types of furniture, upholstery, fabrics and leathers. Our low moisture cleaning allows your furniture to be dry and ready for use within hours of cleaning.

If you have children, pets, or host a party, you will likely encounter a situation that requires a professional upholstery cleaner. Our expert technicians can clean almost any fabric, including delicate and hard to clean fabrics.

Don’t worry: Fuzzy Wuzzy will assess your furniture to determine the most effective method for cleaning that will not damage the upholstery. Cleaning your upholstery every six to 12 months will help keep it looking and smelling fresh.

Fuzzy Wuzzy cleans furniture and upholstery within homes and businesses with care. You have the option of using our on location, in-home service, as well as our in-plant service. There is no wrong way to go.

Our goal is to sure every inch of upholstery is completely clean and as stain-free as possible when finished. If you and your family want to be certain that your furniture is as clean as possible, contact Fuzzy Wuzzy furniture cleaning for all of your upholstery cleaning needs today. 

Fun Name. Serious Green Cleaning!

The Results

Our Process

Fuzzy Wuzzy’s unique upholstery cleaning Seattle process goes much deeper than most standard cleaning services. It includes:

1. Pre-Inspection. A technician begins by inspecting the furniture to identify spots or stains and determine the type of fabric. The answers will determine the appropriate cleaning method.

2. Dry Vacuum. Dry soils and dirt are removed by thoroughly vacuuming and brushing the upholstery. This is a crucial step — it removes roughly 80% of the dirt.

3. Pre-Treated. Each piece of furniture is pre-treated with cleaning solution to emulsify soil and spots.

4. Agitation. Furniture is then cleaned using our low-moisture upholstery tool, leaving your piece dry and ready to use within hours.

5. Post Groom. If needed, your upholstery is groomed with a brush so that the fibers dry faster. This also improves appearance.

6. Post-Cleaning Inspection. A Fuzzy Wuzzy technician will lastly go over the cleaning results with you, explaining the process and answer any questions. Our upholstery cleaning Seattle process is guaranteed to leave you impressed!

Many of our customers also request some of our additional optional services: Enzyme Deodorization and Fabric Protection Treatment.

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