area rug cleaning

Founded in 1900 in Seattle, Fuzzy Wuzzy Rug Cleaning Company continues to be the area’s premier provider of rug cleaning services. 

We take the utmost care to protect and treat your rug using trusted and safe cleaning methods. We do this to ensure a safe and thorough cleaning of your treasured rugs in our state of the art rug cleaning facility.

We service the entire Puget Sound region with our free pickup & delivery, as well as our eight convenient locations. Our technicians take pride in taking the dirtiest area rugs and bringing them back to a state that’s practically as good as new.

Excellent pick-up and delivery service and awesome driver, and the cleaning was perfect!

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celebrating 120 years in seattle
1900 - 2020

rug cleaning 101


Our technicians will take a tailored approach to cleaning your area rug. Our technicians have decades of experience with every type of rug.


Professional cleaning will extend the life of your favorite rug and keep it looking like the day it was made.


Our enzyme deodorizer is kid and pet safe and attacks the toughest stains and smells on your rug.

types of rugs we clean

We clean all types of rugs, including antique, cotton, jute, Oriental, Persian, sheepskin, silk, sisal, tufted & wool rugs. Scroll down for a complete list of rugs.

how we clean area rugs

We begin with a pre-inspection of your rug for spots, stains, construction and dyes.

Your rug is dusted using high-tech equipment to remove dry, abrasive soils from your rug.

Your rug is pre-treated with cleaning solution to focus on any spots or stains.

Your rug is given a gentle shampooing to remove all soils and stains. This process uses wool-safe detergent and soft brushes to protect your cherished rug.

Your rug then soaks in our state-of-the-art Turkish cold water rug bath.

The fringes of your rug are then hand-cleaned by our rug experts using special tools and techniques.

Your rug then goes through a final rinsing process to remove all cleaning products and soils.

Temperature and air circulation are regulated continuously to ensure proper drying.

Your rug’s pile and fringes are hand finished and groomed, then carefully inspected by a rug care professional.

Within 5-7 days, a technician will bring your rug back to you free of charge. Or you can opt to pick up your rug at one of our eight locations.

free pickup & delivery service

Fuzzy Wuzzy offers free pickup and delivery on all rug cleaning services throughout King, Pierce, Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom Counties. This covers the majority of western Washington, however, if you are unsure as to whether or not your home is covered within our delivery radius, give us a call.

Our rug pickup & delivery service is 100% free. That’s right. It does not cost you a penny for us to pick it up or drop it off — unlike so many other cleaners.

additional rug services

custom-cut rug pad

Rug pads are a great value for any area rug in your home. Our pads have an eco-friendly pet urine barrier that will protect your floors.

rug repairs

We can help you bring your damaged rug back to life. We work with professional rug weavers who know exactly how to color match the threads and reweave your rug.

moth damage restoration

We can treat your rug and have all signs of the moth removed. We then put your rug through our extensive deep cleaning process, then identify any necessary repairs or alterations.

stain guard application

We offer stain guard application to your rug. This helps liquids remain on the surface while you quickly blot up the spill.

asked questions

The average rug with normal wear should be cleaned every one to three years, depending on the color of the rug and the amount of traffic it gets. If you have pets, small children or a lot of foot traffic, an annual cleaning may be a good idea.

Here are some simple tests to determine if your rug needs to be professionally cleaned:

Rub your palm on the rug for a couple seconds. If it becomes visibly dirty, it’s time for a cleaning.

Kneel down and smell the rug. If it smells foul, it’s time for a cleaning.

Lift a corner of the rug and shake it hard. If you can see a dust cloud, it’s definitely time for a cleaning.

Fold back a corner of the rug, away from the pile, to expose the base of the fibers. If there is dirt embedded deep in the pile, it’s time for a cleaning.

This is a personal decision that you will have to make. Many of our customers ask themselves this question, weighing their emotional attachment, the cost of cleaning it and the cost of replacing it. In some cases, an entire room is designed around the rug. We offer free estimates and are happy to provide you with guidance as you make a decision.

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