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eco-friendly cleaning

Fuzzy Wuzzy uses cleaners with natural ingredients that protect the environment and the fragile species that rely on it. We don’t use cleaning products that harm our planet — because it’s the right thing to do.

what makes us green?

water = #1

Our primary cleaning solution is water. This reduces pollution and our impact on the environment.

responsible waste disposal

All waste is collected, contained and disposed of in a responsible manner.

no left behind residue

Our cleaning processes leave behind no trace of soap or other cleaning products.

toxin free products

Every cleaning product that we use is toxin free.

clean & green!

Our cleaning products and hot water extraction methods are preferred by all the leading carpet and rug manufacturers.

We use products that are highly effective and work hard to remove stains and clean deep into the carpet, rug, wood floor, or other material. Our non-toxic formulas encapsulate dirt and crystallize when dry, preventing re-soiling of the treated area. The leftover residue and soil are then easily vacuumed away.

Our natural cleaning products also reduce the frequency of cleaning. These products act as disinfectants, making it a smart, long-term investment in your future happiness and health.